Former WWE Star Signs With NWA

NWA Powerrr

A former WWE star has officially signed a contract with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) as announced on a PPV broadcast where he picked up a big win.

At NWA Nuff Said last night in Tampa, former WWE star and TNA/Impact World Champion EC3 defeated Kevin Kiley in a singles match. Kiley is former WWE star Alex Riley making his return to the ring after about five years away.

EC3 has been part of the NWA since the NWA 74 pay-per-view in August 2022, but he was working without a full-time contract until now.

During the NWA Nuff Said pre-show, it was announced that EC3 has signed a contract with the NWA. EC3 is bringing his Control Your Narrative group with him as well.

Following his first WWE run as Derrick Bateman which largely saw him remain on NXT with only a bit of time on the main roster, he made his way to TNA/Impact. Once there, he became Ethan Carter III with the gimmick that he was the nephew of TNA’s Owner Dixie Carter. It was just a storyline, but it ended up leading to the biggest push of his career as EC3. He would eventually become the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

In 2018, EC3 returned to WWE this time using the EC3 name. There was a main roster call up that occurred in 2019, but he was never used very well. EC3 was released by WWE in April 2020.

Post WWE, EC3 helped launch a product called Control Your Narrative that ran some shows, but never really took off. He was also in ROH briefly as well.

Now that EC3 has signed a contract with the NWA, he could be somebody that the promotion uses heavily moving forward.