Former WWE Star Offers Explanation Behind Interesting Podcast Video

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A former WWE superstar had some explaining to do after an interesting video aired from his podcast.

Rene Dupree will forever be known as one of the youngest wrestlers to ever sign with WWE because he started at 18 years old in 2002. Within a year, he was on television as part of the La Resistance tag team with Sylvain Grenier.

During his WWE career, Dupree was a two-time Tag Team Champion, holding them once with Grenier as La Resistance and also with Kenzo Suzuki. In July 2007, Dupree was granted his release from WWE per his request.

Dupree hosts a podcast called Cafe De Rene, which is named after a very short-lived talk show segment that he had in WWE.

On a recent episode of his podcast, which is filmed, there was a moment where he reached down to his side and appeared to be smoking something. There was a big thread on Reddit about it with fans wondering if Dupree had a drug problem or what the issue could be.

Following all the discussion about the viral clip, Dupree offered some clarity in a new episode. Dupree said that he is a cigarette smoker, so he had his toaster plugged because he did not have a lighter handy at his house when he was looking for a light. Dupree showed that the toaster was beside him where he was seated and doing the podcast, so he made it clear it was just a cigarette.

The short clip of Dupree talking about this is available on Reddit as fans commented about how they were happy he’s not doing illegal drugs of any kind.

On a recent episode of the podcast, Dupree spoke about how The Undertaker gave him some great advice early in his career.