Ex-WWE Star Reflects On The Undertaker Giving Him Advice

The Undertaker

A former WWE World Tag Team Champion says the Undertaker gave him some critical advice.

René Duprée was one of the youngest wrestlers to ever sign with WWE. He was only eighteen when he began his career on RAW and won tag team gold a year later.

As such a young wrestler, Duprée lacked experience both in the ring and in WWE’s byzantine backstage environment. He didn’t know better about many things…until The Undertaker smartened him up.

Speaking on his Café de René Podcast, Duprée explained how The Undertaker shared some of his wisdom with his much younger colleague:

“He once sat with me, I was 20. He said ‘Rene, in this business you gotta be selfish for the right reasons’. I thought for years that I might know what he was talking about, and I never forgot that.

After a few years I thought I knew, now I understand what he was talking about and I’m lucky that I can be in a position where I can take that advice and apply it. So now where I’m at I gotta be selfish for the right reasons, meaning you are your own business, Rene Dupree is my business, so I gotta be selfish for me.”

René Duprée left WWE in 2007 and since then has wrestled all over the North American independent scene and in Japan as well. He has also expressed interest in returning to WWE now that Triple H is in charge.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription