Former WWE Star Praises Mercedes Mone for NJPW/Stardom Performances

Mercedes Mone

Mercedes Mone quickly generated a buzz upon her return to professional wrestling, and a former WWE star has spoken of some of the reasons things have worked so well.

Despite the fact that the news had been leaked several times in the days and weeks leading up to NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom in January, Mercedes Mone’s appearance at the event to attack IWGP Women’s Champion KAIRI generated plenty of buzz for the company.

This led to her first match since leaving WWE Battle Of The Valley where she won the title, which reportedly received a surge in ticket and on-demand sales upon confirmation that she would appear.

Despite extending her contract, Mone lost the IWGP Women’s Championship to Mayu Iwatani at Stardom All Star Queendom, and instantly demanded a rematch in the post-match press conference.

Now, former WWE star Tommy Dreamer has spoken on Busted Open Radio about the buzz Mercedes Mone has been able to generate, specifically talking about her demands at that press conference.

It’s a little different because it’s a press conference, and in Japan, it’s a lot different than a live promo. I liked the fact that she spoke about still being in ‘The Mandalorian’ and the fact that she’s still rich. If I could steal a line from real-life … Andrew Martin, aka Test [said]: ‘Cause I’m rich, b–ch.’ He would use that line all the time and follow it up with, ‘Because you’re a jobber.’

Continuing on, Dreamer confirmed Mone had done good business for Stardom and expects her to continue to do so.

I know Mercedes has done good business for Stardom and New Japan, and she’ll continue to do good business for how long she wants to be there.

Mercedes Mone also recently revealed the “perfect pair” for her own faction.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.