Former WWE Star Says The Internet “Ruined” Wrestling

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One former WWE superstar has had it with the internet being so judgmental about pro wrestling.

Heath Slater wrestled in WWE for fourteen years between several different brands and through multiple gimmicks. He has gone through a lot, many things he’s proud of and something he isn’t.

But despite all the ups and downs in his career, Heath has tried to remain positive…but dealing with the internet has made that challenging.

As part of a virtual signing for the K & S WrestleFest, the current Impact star explained why people on the internet “ruined” wrestling.

“The internet ruined everything. We know how it is, so stop b******* about it and talking crap whenever we have a script and we have to follow it. It ain’t my fault I have to follow it; it’s given to me. Brother, I ate so many s*** sandwiches and tried to put spices on it to make it taste good. But when you eat it, it’s still a s*** sandwich. … Wins and losses don’t matter for s***.”

There is one exception to Heath’s positivity, however: he’s still somewhat miffed over how a very specific WWE match ended, which he blamed on “many egos flying.”

h/t 411Mania for the transcription