Heath Still Upset Over One Particular Big Match Loss In WWE

Heath is still ticked off over a loss that he suffered during his time in WWE.

Throughout his career, Heath has had a ton of success in the tag team division, being a three-time WWE Tag Team Champion, as well as a stint as the IMPACT Wrestling World Tag Team Champion — both Heath and Rhino still hold the belts to this day.

However, there have been some low points in Heath’s career, with one of them being in SummerSlam 2010. There, Team WWE would take out The Nexus — the same group Heath was a member of — in the Premium Live Event’s main event. In the elimination match, John Cena was the last man standing, which would seal the victory for his team. As a result, this would completely kill the momentum of The Nexus.

Speaking with Cultaholic Wrestling in an interview, Heath spoke about how he feels with how everything went.

“People still talk about it. That was one of those moments that where people said, ‘What the hell?’ I mean, we might not have won that many matches how it was planned and the bull crap and how they did it, man. SummerSlam still pisses me off.

But it’s one of those things to where like, they should’ve had us dominate SummerSlam, go to ‘Mania, let the whole supergroup of WWE beat us. But like, there was so much they could’ve done, but there were so many egos flying at the time where they didn’t want us, a group of rookies, to take a step forward I’m guessing.”

H/T Wrestling Inc.