Former WWE Star Hits Out At Company Following Release

Triple H WWE

A former WWE Superstar has questioned the company’s approach.

During the April 19th episode of SmackDown news broke that Jinder Mahal, Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer, and Sanga had all been released by WWE.

The releases caught many by surprise, especially as Xia Li had just been featured in a video setting up a Battle Royal to determine a new Women’s World Champion on Raw.

Following his release, Sanga took to social media to address his departure. While he said he’s trying to remain positive, he couldn’t help but question WWE trying to build a presence in India while doing little with Indian talent.

“There is a little pain in my heart. When is comes to viewership, you want viewership from our country India. Viewership on Facebook is needed from India. Viewership on YouTube is needed from India. Viewership on TV is needed from India, but when it comes to talent of India, they are not taking you forward.

Whatever you are thinking, it is okay, creatives have their own way of working, but you should understand that we are saddened by the fact that our 1.4 billion people, like you, people like us, they want that their country India should have athletes who work at the international level, but you are not ready to give opportunities.”

WWE Releases Down To “Budget Cuts”

Following the releases it was reported that WWE put them down to “budget cuts,” although it’s unclear whether this was passed on to talent.

WWE higher-ups reportedly told Fightful that the cuts were made as a combination of “not appearing on television due to creative not having anything for the talent, as well as upward trajectory based on progression and how long they’d been with the company.”