Former WWE Star Reveals He Ate Real Dog Food For An Angle

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A former WWE Superstar has confirmed that they chowed down on real dog food as part of a storyline in the company.

Ken Shamrock made his name in the world of UFC as the promotion’s inaugural Superfight Champion before moving into the world of pro wrestling in the late nineties.

During his time in WWE, Shamrock captured the Intercontinental Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside The Big Boss Man as part of Vince McMahon’s Corporation. The crossover star also claimed victory over The Rock to become the 1998 King of the Ring.

Before all of that, however, Ken Shamrock was part of the WWE contingent at war with The Hart Foundation in the second half of 1997. Shamrock faced off with The British Bulldog at SummerSlam 1997 with Bulldog’s European Championship on the line. Dog food became a part of the feud between the two men with the Bulldog saying he’d eat a can if he lost to Ken Shamrock at SummerSlam.

Speaking on the Ten Count, Shamrock discussed how he was the one who ended up dining on dog food and says it was the real deal:

“Yeah, yeah [it was real], I gained weight [laughs]. It was good too, it was chunky beef.”

Ken Shamrock also explained why he turned down an “incest angle” with the woman who played his sister, Ryan Shamrock, during his WWE career.