Former WWE Star Announces New Name

WWE logo over blurred Wes Lee

A former WWE star has revealed what his new name will be after he was released by the company.

When a pro wrestler works for WWE, they are often given a unique name that they can use when working there. However, if they move on or get released, they need to get a new name.

Elias worked for WWE from 2014 until his release on September 21, 2023. At that point, several WWE stars were released including Dolph Ziggler, Riddick Moss, Emma and others.

It was in April 2017 when Elias made his debut on the main roster. During that main roster run, Elias was known for playing his guitar before his matches, having concerts and usually insulting the crowd along the way.

In April 2022, Elias was taken off television and was given the name of Ezekiel, who claimed he was Elias’ brother. Kevin Owens took exception to that since he claimed that Ezekiel was Elias. In August 2022, Owens took out Elias by “injuring him” and that was the last time that Ezekiel was seen. In reality, Triple H took over as WWE’s Chief Content Officer and didn’t want to use the Elias gimmick that Vince McMahon was using.

During his WWE career, the only title that Elias won was the “coveted” 24/7 Title four times.

Elias Announces Post-WWE Name Is Elijah

On New Year’s Day 2024, the former Elias posted a video on Twitter/X announcing that his name post-WWE will be Elijah. In the video, Elias went into a grave and Elijah lit the grave on fire while watching it burn. The tombstone on the grave had the years 2017-2023 to reflect his run as Elias.