Former WWE Referee Makes Shocking Claim About Brawl For All

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A former WWE official has had plenty to say about the Brawl For All, and in particular the WrestleMania XV match between Bart Gunn and Butterbean.

The Brawl For All tournament was certainly a unique concept, but wasn’t well received on a number of fronts. Moving away from the predetermined elements of professional, the tournament was seen as legitimate fights and caused injuries to a number of WWE superstars.

In the end it was Bart Gunn who won the initial tournament and would go on to face celebrity boxer Butterbean at WrestleMania XV – in a fight which the latter won in just over half a minute.

Brawl For All: “I Think It Was A Work”

Now, ex-WWE referee Mike Chioda has discussed the match at WrestleMania on his Monday Mailbag podcast, giving the reasons he feels the fight was predetermined.

I really do think it was a work man because I’ve never seen Bart not cover. He didn’t cover up. I don’t know. It was weird, man. It was frickin weird and I think it was just, okay, this is gonna be built around the boxer. You know, Butterbean. You know what I’m saying?

I’m not saying Butterbean was no joke or anything. He took a right hook from him. He had some power. Don’t get me wrong, but Bart was like 6’4, I think, 6’3. He was strong. I mean, he just went too fast too. You know, I’m saying? It went too fast. I think it was in the first round, right? I’m pretty sure it was in the first round. I asked Bart and Bart was kind of kayfabeing.

I kind of wish Bart would have won. I think it was a work. It was a payday to build up the boxer. I didn’t think they were gonna job Butterbean out and make him look real bad. ‘Oh shit, he got knocked out by a wrestler.’ You know, so what’s his next fight going to be worth? That’s why I say I think it was a work. I really do. Not the fights to build all the way up to the finish. Just that main event.

Mike Chioda also feels that The Undertaker could have one more match.

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