Former WWE Official On CM Punk & Jack Perry “Squabble”

Jungle Boy Jack Perry

A former WWE official has commented on the antics which seemingly took place between CM Punk and Jack Perry following AEW All In.

Jimmy Korderas is one of the top names synonymous as the man in the middle for a long period in WWE. Whilst he would know about dealing with issues inside the squared circle, he no doubt also witnessed his fair share of them away from the ring as well.

In his latest Reffin’ Rant, Korderas has addressed what took place at All In, where Jack Perry and CM Punk got in to a backstage confrontation.

It’s Tuesday morning, and normally I would be talking about Monday night’s festivities right now, but Sunday night’s show is dominating the news cycle, but is it for the right reasons? Like I said, AEW All In at Wembley, great event, great crowd, people loved it.

Great reactions from everyone involved, but what’s dominating the news cycle is the altercation between Jungle Boy Jack Perry and CM Punk and all the shenanigans going on there. That should not dominate the news cycle, especially after a historic event for that company.

I want to see where they’re going to continue to grow from this, hopefully, but if people are going to be talking about CM Punk and Jack Perry having a squabble backstage, for lack of a better term, that is a problem. Someone needs to take care of this and get a handle on things.

Are CM Punk And Jack Perry Suspended?

Whilst it has been widely reported that both men have been suspended pending further investigation over what took place at Wembley Stadium this past Sunday, it is now being claimed that CM Punk has not been informed of any kind of suspension.

If he were to be kept away from the company, it would no doubt significantly change the creative plans for this week’s All Out event, which takes place in his hometown of Chicago.

With thanks to 411Mania for the transcription.