Former WWE Star In No Rush To Do TV Matches

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A former WWE superstar isn’t interested in being on television after being released.

There were several WWE superstars released by the company in September 2023. Some of the more notable names that were let go were Dolph Ziggler, Mustafa Ali and Matt Riddle.

In Riddle’s case, some behavioral issues played a part in WWE choosing to release him. To his credit, Riddle would go on to say that there were no hard feelings toward WWE.

Matt Riddle five-year run in the company saw the “Bro” have success on NXT, Raw and Smackdown. Riddle’s greatest run was perhaps during his RK-Bro days when he became the best friend and Tag Team Champion with future WWE Hall of Famer Randy Orton.

In late December 2023, Riddle’s 90-day no-compete clause expired, which meant he could he could work in another company. Riddle has since made appearances for MLW and NJPW. However, he he has explained why he might not join a wrestling promotion with a live television show due to the constraints of live TV matches.

While talking to Signed By Superstars, Riddle spoke about the difficulties of TV matches.

I wanted to think outside the box and maybe not rush right back into doing TV matches. TV is a lot different than wrestling on ppl or the Indies. There are commercials, they cut times, they change things.”

“For me, right now, New Japan, MLW, the Indies, I can display my art and I’m not under such a crunch of time or requirement. I have a lot more freedom. TNA isn’t out of the picture either. There are certain things I wanted to do. I really wanted to work in Japan and I made that a priority.”

When Was Matt Riddle’s Last Televised WWE Match?

The last match that Matt Riddle wrestled in WWE was on the September 4th episode of Raw, where he and tag team partner Drew McIntyre were defeated by the Viking Raiders. Riddle and McIntyre teamed together several times while it looked like McIntyre might turn on him, but Riddle was released before it ever happened.

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