Former WWE Employee Recalls Threatening Brock Lesnar

Former WWE Employee Recalls Threatening Brock Lesnar

Jim Cornette shared a tense and nearly violent altercation with Brock Lesnar during Lesnar’s early days in WWE’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The confrontation, which escalated to Cornette nearly threatening Lesnar with a firearm, stemmed from Lesnar’s treatment of Cornette’s wife, Stacey, who performed under the ring name Synn.

Cornette recounted, in an episode of his podcast “The Jim Cornette Experience,” that the incident began when Stacey, who had recently gotten new piercings, warned Lesnar to be cautious during their spot in the match. Stacey specifically asked Lesnar to be careful when performing a press slam, a move where the wrestler lifts their opponent above their head.

Stacey had just had certain parts of her anatomy pierced… so she told Brock earlier in the day, ‘Hey when you give me the press slam, watch out, take care of the nether regions,’

Despite these warnings, the former WWE and UFC Champion disregarded her request. Cornette described the moment vividly:

He goes and gives her the press slam, and he f***ing clamps down and squeezes with his right hand.

Stacey returned backstage in tears and in considerable pain, which led to a heated confrontation. According to Cornette, Stacey told him:

He’s been saying he’s gonna do it all day, and he f***ing did it.

The situation quickly escalated when Cornette intervened and found Lesnar cursing at Stacey. Cornette, infuriated by Lesnar’s actions and disrespect, confronted the future WWE star. Cornette recounted his words to Lesnar:

Look, mother***er, you need to know this now. Don’t say f*** you to her in front of me cause I won’t fight you; I will shoot you!

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Former WWE Superstar Perry Saturn spoke about how he almost choked out Brock Lesnar while the two engaged in a friendly shoot wrestling bout. Saturn recalled how the two were practising some wrestling holds together and how he managed to get the former amateur wrestling champion into a chokehold only for Lesnar to hoist in very quickly into the air, much to Saturn’s amazement.

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