Former WWE Champion Slams CM Punk As Their “Least Favourite Person To Work With”

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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback opened up about his experience working with CM Punk, shedding light on their tumultuous relationship.

In an interview with The Buzzards Wrestling Podcast, Ryback didn’t hold back as he expressed his distaste for Punk, labelling him as one of his least favourite people to work with during his tenure in the WWE.

Despite his strong sentiments, Ryback made it clear that he doesn’t believe in holding grudges or harbouring hatred towards others. However, he didn’t shy away from criticising Punk’s behaviour, stating that he didn’t agree with everything he did and that Punk did him no favours at all.

Ryback further elaborated on the difficulties he faced while working with Punk, highlighting the former wrestler’s lack of communication and overall difficulty in working with him.

He’s very difficult and doesn’t like to communicate and things of that nature,

However, Ryback also acknowledged the underlying bitterness and negativity that Punk harboured towards the WWE at the time. Punk’s frustrations with the company were well-documented, and Ryback recognises the impact such sentiments can have on one’s interactions with others.

He was very bitter and negative towards his feelings about WWE at the time, so I understand it, and I don’t take it so personally now,

Ryback shared.

What Does Ryback Think Of CM Punk’s Return To WWE?

Ryback claimed that the reason CM Punk returned to WWE was because he was broke. Ryback stated in a social media post that Punk needs the money and is going back to the place that fired him with “his tail tucked between his legs.”

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