CM Punk Slammed As Broke & Desperate After WWE Return

CM Punk

Ryback has hit out at CM Punk following his return to WWE and did not have anything good to say about Punk’s first promo back on Raw.

CM Punk stunned the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series for the first time in almost ten years. This came less than three months after CM Punk was fired by AEW after he was involved in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In.

Punk declared that he was “home” in his first promo on Raw in a decade and hinted at his plans in the company as he told the camera directly he wasn’t there to make friends, he was there to make money. But not everyone was impressed.

Taking to social media with a new video, Ryback has panned CM Punk’s Raw promo and claims Punk is broke and that’s why he has come back to WWE:

Yo, I’m the ‘Big Guy’ Ryback and I’m here to tell you that CM Punk promo on Monday Night Raw ABSOLUTELY sucked. First of all, the pops aren’t quite nearly the same when you’re not in your hometown of Chicago ain’t that right fragile Phil? The man-child, best known for his ‘Pipebomb’ promo, which by the way was all, all scripted for all you little neckbeard Nancy, negative marks out there, just completely bombed.

Anyone who calls that place home [WWE] is just mentally fried. It’s Shawshank and there’s no doubt, that promo was written 100% by the warden. But fragile Phil is desperate and desperate boys do desperate things. I mean in fact did he just think he was gonna just sneak this one by us?

Bro…do you think we were just gonna forget about this [CM Punk’s UFC career] ‘most feared man’…HUH…HUH…if you got into an altercation with a twelve year old I’m putting everything you got on the 12-year-old.

At least he was clear on one thing though and that’s he’s broke. He doesn’t have the money, he needs the money and he tucked his tail between his legs and he went back to the one place that fired him [laughing] on his wedding day. Oh fragile Phil, welcome back to ‘The Game’ and you are about to get played.

Why Does Ryback Have An Issue With CM Punk?

CM Punk and Ryback have a long history dating back to 2012 when they feuded over the WWE Championship. At the time Punk was the long-reigning heel champion with Paul Heyman by his side and Ryback was wildly popular as he enjoyed a quick ascent in WWE.

At Survivor Series 2012, the pair shared the ring with John Cena in a triple threat match for the gold that is best remembered for the debut of The Shield who helped Punk retain.

When Punk distanced himself from Heyman after a hiatus following his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29, Heyman took Ryback under his wing to try and destroy his former client. But that is not something Punk looks back on fondly.

In his infamous appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, CM Punk laid bare his frustrations with Ryback and how the star had hurt him during their feud. Of course, this all happened just a few short weeks before Punk walked out of WWE in early 2014.

Ryback has tried to use Punk’s headline-grabbing prowess for his own ends in recent weeks and his vow to retire from the business if Punk appeared at Survivor Series has somewhat backfired on him.