Former WWE Champion Praises Jimmy Hart As “The Greatest Manager Ever”

Former WWE Champion Praises Jimmy Hart As “The Greatest Manager Ever”

During a recent appearance on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, former WWE IC and Tag Team Champion Jacques Rougeau, the Mountie, has called out his former manager, WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart as the greatest manager in wrestling history.

Jimmy Hart would manage Jacques Rougeau during two of Rougeau’s runs in WWE, first when he teamed with his brother Raymond as the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers and later when he became The Mountie, Jimmy was one of the reasons Rougeau agreed to even do The Mountie character.

It’s one thing being a nice guy, but there’s more to Jimmy Hart than being a nice guy. Having Jimmy Hart as my manager was one of the conditions I had when coming back as The Mountie. You have great managers throughout the business, but the best manager in the wrestling business for me was always Jimmy Hart.

Rougeau would praise Jimmy for everything he would do for all the men he managed and the efforts he would put in to help put his guys over.

He performed two of the most iconic songs for us. Jimmy Hart was one of the only managers that I know that would grab the mic and always put his man over and never took credit for himself. He was always ‘let me tell you something about my man, baby’. He always put his men right in the front spotlight. Jimmy Hart would go and spend money on his jackets, and he would have the image of his talent on the jackets.

Jacques would elaborate on the professionalism Jimmy always had, and how he would always guide him, and give advice to talent and his generosity was second to none.

In the 10 years that I worked with him, every time I had a personal appearance, Jimmy was always on time and professional. Jimmy didn’t drink, didn’t smoke. Jimmy would come to you when you’re going on a show and see you’re nervous and say ‘Listen Jacques don’t worry about this, you’ve got this baby’. He was like a coach and a mentor. He was the most generous person I have never met. He is the best manager of all time… Jimmy Hart.

Jimmy Hart had a very successful run as a manager in WWE from 1985-1993 and managed multiple IC and Tag Team Champions during that time before finally getting his recognition when he was inducted in the 2005 WWE Hall of Fame.

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