Former WWE Champion Names The Smelliest Wrestler They Ever Worked With

Former WWE Champion Names The Smelliest Wrestler They Ever Worked With

Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Shane Douglas didn’t shy away from sharing his thoughts on the smelliest wrestler he ever encountered in the ring.

In an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews Douglas unapologetically pointed the finger at none other than Mick Foley when discussing unpleasant smell experiences during his wrestling career.

Mick Foley, Mick was not the most laborious I would say.

Reflecting on his time in the squared circle, Douglas disclosed that Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin had a peculiar habit of donning weightlifting gloves during matches. The gloves, evidently harbouring an indescribable odour, would be thrust uncomfortably close to Douglas’s face, prompting him to draw a vivid analogy.

I remember Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin, they used to wear these weightlifting gloves. I don’t know where they stored those things but they would get a hold of you and boy it was like smelling somebody’s a**.

Which Other WWE Superstar Is Shane Douglas Critical Of?

Shane Douglas stated that Kevin Owens “looks like he just left the Kmart on a shift.” Douglas said that the former WWE Universal Champion has amazing in-ring capabilities but feels that his ring attire doesn’t suit that of a star.

Douglas went on to say that he doesn’t know if WWE are telling him to dress that way or if Owens just feels more comfortable dressed like that but he believes that Owens should dress more like a wrestler.

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