Former WWE Champion Discusses Impending Arrival Of Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill

Raquel Rodriguez is excited to have a match with Jade Cargill.

The WWE Women’s Division and the fans are equally excited to see the highly-anticipated debut of Cargill, who is expected to make an appearance on screen sooner rather than later. With the roster being so stacked and multiple dream matches now being possible, everyone in the company wants to face off against the new signee.

Speaking on The Bump, Rodriguez was asked about her thoughts on the newest signee. The former Women’s Tag Team Champion declared that Cargill’s popularity will be beneficial to the company:

“I think it’s great,” declared Rodriguez about WWE signing Cargill. “Like we were talking about, our women’s division is growing. We are main eventing different shows on all of the platforms. So to get another talent from an outside company come in and she’s got such a massive following, and she’s just adding to the list of big girls that someone’s got to squash, probably me. I think it’s great, it’s great to have this competition in the women’s division and have this star power.”

The continuous mention of Cargill on WWE programming further enforces the belief that the company have in their new signee, who has been described as one of the biggest acquisitions in recent years.

When Will Jade Cargill Debut?

While Cargill’s arrival has been hyped with multiple video packages seen across weekly TV, the former TBS Champion is still yet to walk out in front of a live audience. According to a recent report, it has been decided which brand Cargill will be on once the long-awaited debut has taken place.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.