Former WWE Champion Calls Out Brock Lesnar For A Match

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Brock Lesnar is likely returning to WWE at some point in 2023, which is why a former WWE Champion has called him out for a match.

The last time Brock Lesnar competed in a WWE match was nearly two months ago at Crown Jewel on November 5th when he faced one of his biggest rivals in 2022, Bobby Lashley. While Lashley dominated much of the match, Lesnar got the win after he pushed himself off the ropes while trapped in the Hurt Lock submission and landed on top of Lashley for the pinfall win.

Another man that Lesnar has had big matches with in the past is former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The last time they had a match was in the main event of WrestleMania 36 when Drew beat Lesnar to become the WWE Champion for the first time. Unfortunately for Drew, there were no fans in attendance because of COVID-19, so the match took place at the WWE Performance Center.

There were fans in attendance at the 2020 Royal Rumble when McIntyre eliminated a dominant Lesnar from the Rumble match as McIntyre won the Royal Rumble match, which was the biggest win of his career at that point.

In an interview on Sony Sports Network’s Namaste Drew show, McIntyre called out Lesnar when asked about the Royal Rumble 2023 event.

“I’ll take him [at Royal Rumble 2023]. I wanna get that extra victory over Brock.”

“If Brock and I cross paths again, it’s gonna be a battle.”

McIntyre has spoken openly in the past about wanting to face Lesnar again, this time in front of a crowd, because he didn’t get the chance when he won the WWE Title as was originally planned in 2020.

It’s not currently known if WWE has any plans for Lesnar and McIntyre to have a match at the Royal Rumble. A matchup between Lesnar and Lashley is a possibility since they have one win against eachother, so a third grudge match is probably coming soon.

As for future Lesnar matches, there are apparently plans in place for Brock Lesnar to face GUNTHER at WrestleMania 39 although as we know in WWE, plans can certainly change.