Former WWE Champion Accidentally Left Their Hall Of Fame Ring In Hotel Room

WWE Hall of Fame ring

Rob Van Dam once accidentally misplaced a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery.

The former WWE Champion was recognised for his contributions to wrestling in 2021 by being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Along with being honoured on the evening, inductees are given a commemorative ring to mark the occasion.

RVD admitted that he wasn’t used to wearing the new piece of jewellery in a conversation with Chris Van Vliet, accidentally leaving the ring in a hotel room. Van Dam revealed how thankful he was that someone noticed the item and contacted him so it could be returned:

“So the very first week that I got it, I did a show in Wisconsin, and I wasn’t used to having it. I left it in the hotel room, went back to Las Vegas. And so it took an honest maid, and an honest front desk person and an honest wrestling promoter. Thank you, Ben McCoy for calling me and saying, Did you forget something dude? I didn’t even know yet. I just got home the next day and wow, I had it for I don’t know. I think it was it was the same week, so I didn’t have a very long, I lost it already.”

Former WWE Star Rob Van Dam Is Not Planning A Retirement

During the same interview, the topic of whether or not the former ECW Champion is looking at rounding out his career and retiring from in-ring competition. Van Dam revealed that he has thought about it on occasion but there are no plans in the immediate future to call time on his lengthy career.

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