Former AEW Star Praises CM Punk: “He Was Always Kind To Me”

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CM Punk might be one of the most divisive figures in wrestling today, but he has a supporter in one former AEW star.

The deal to take Punk to AEW in August 2021 shook professional wrestling, but his near-two-year spell with the company was marred by backstage controversy. One of these incidents led to him being fired on September 2nd, 2023.

While some believe Punk is more trouble than he’s worth, given his acrimonious exits from WWE and now AEW, others feel the star has been treated unfairly.

Speaking on a new episode of his vlog, Fuego Del Sol — who worked with AEW between 2020 and June 2023 — said he had nothing but love for the former World Champion.

The high-flyer recalled Punk reaching out to him while he was injured, adding that he always treated him well.

“Pepsi Phil, as some call him, from his first day in AEW, he always spoke to me. He always made time for me, he always was kind to me.

I don’t know how everyone else feels about Punk. I try to never let someone else’s opinion of someone distract me from how they treated me. I try to figure out, how do they treat me? Do they treat me well?

When I got hurt and had a foot injury, he had a similar foot injury the year before, and he reached out to me when he did not have to.

He gave me advice. He let me vent when I was in a dark place during my injury. And I will forever be grateful and thankful to him for that. He did not have to reach out to me and talk to me as much as he did. So he will always be a friend in my book.

I like CM Punk. I hope the best for him in whatever he decides to do next.

Hate that things couldn’t work out for him in professional wrestling, but the fact that he treated me so well means a lot to me. I know some people are not gonna like this opinion of him, but he was good to me, and if you’re good to me, I’ll forever be good to you.

Big thanks to CM Punk.”

Other AEW Stars Had A Different Experience With CM Punk

During a recent podcast appearance, Mark Henry reflected on what went wrong with CM Punk and AEW and recalled the star trying to give others advice. Henry said that while Punk is stuck in his old-school mentality, that’s a positive, although his attempts to help younger talent fell on deaf ears.

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