Forgotten Ex-WWE Star Resurfaces After 5 Years

WWE logo over Paul Burchill William Regal

A former WWE star best known for their time in the company during the Ruthless Aggression Era has popped up to say hello in the NWA.

After a brief initial spell in WWE’s then developmental territory OVW, Paul Burchill appeared on WWE screens as part of the SmackDown roster in August 2005. Burchill formed a tag team with William Regal but by February 2006, the English stars wanted to go their separate ways and Burchill began portraying a pirate.

The gimmick did not last long and a hiatus from WWE TV soon followed for the star until January 2008 when he re-emerged on Raw with Katie Lea portraying his sister. The pair remained together on Raw and then ECW until Paul Burchill left the company in February 2010. What is perhaps best remembered about Burchill’s time in the company is WWE scrapping him and his on-screen sister being involved in an incest angle – not the only one that has been pitched to a WWE star.

Paul Burchill Appears For NWA 13 Years After WWE Exit

Now Paul Burchill has appeared for Billy Corgan’s NWA on the November 14 edition of Powerrr as he auditioned to be part of The Spectaculars. Although the audition might not have gone perfectly, Billy Corgan did give the star a 10.

Burchill last competed back in 2018 on the 1000th edition of OVW TV and it remains to be seen if he’ll be with the NWA going forward.