Forgotten Ex-WWE Star Could Be Set For Backstage Role

Triple H WWE Raw

A surprising name could be back with WWE.

The changes for WWE keep on coming, and it seems a somewhat left-field return could be on the cards.

According to a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, (via PWInsider Elite) Dave Taylor has been working with WWE in some capacity. The British veteran began his in-ring career back in 1978 and was a regular on British television by the late 80s.

Taylor went on to work for WCW in 1995, before landing in WWE in 2001. However, he left the company that same year, returning in 2006 after a spell on the independent scene. Over the next two years, Taylor worked backstage as he had done previously, while also appearing on television alongside Drew McIntyre.

According to the report from Johnson, Taylor has been in attendance at some NXT tapings as well as traveling with SmackDown. It’s perhaps interesting to note that Taylor is a long-time friend of William Regal who made his own return to WWE in 2023.

“He’s been seen in some fashion at some WWE NXT tapings and at the Performance Center. I’m also told he’s been at some SmackDowns on the road.”

Dave Taylor’s WWE Status Remains Confusing

Despite this, things might not be as straightforward as they might seem. Johnson added that while one source said Taylor’s been having a try-out as a producer, he hasn’t appeared on internal lists. But this doesn’t mean he isn’t “feeling out the process.”

Furthermore, there are others backstage who claim not to have seen Taylor at all, confusing his status further.

“I do wanna caution this – some people have told me they’ve seen him, and some people have told me they haven’t seen him at all. And it’s people who are at the same shows…

Whether it’s just a tryout or he’s back full-time I can’t tell you, or he’s just… maybe the two sides are just feeling each other out. But I have heard his name bounced around quite a bit in the last couple of weeks actually. So it’s not even a couple of days, it’s a couple of weeks.”

Despite holding several training roles down the years, Taylor continued to wrestle into the 2010s, eventually retiring in 2012.