Ex-WWE Writer Reveals How London Upset Vince McMahon: “He Didn’t Like That”

Vince McMahon

A former WWE writer has recalled how fans in London, England upset Vince McMahon with how they reacted to certain things.

Vince McMahon ran WWE creatively for about 40 years until his “retirement” in July 2022. When he returned as the Executive Chairman of WWE in January 2023, his son-in-law Paul “Triple H” Levesque was firmly entrenched as the Chief Content Officer.

While Vince liked to tinker with certain aspects of the Raw & Smackdown scripts for most of this year, it was reported earlier this month that Vince is considered out of the creative team for now.

Freddie Prinze Jr. is a well-known actor who had a very good career on screen, but he also worked for WWE behind the scenes as a writer in the 2008-2012 era. At one point he was considered to be the Smackdown head writer, but he chose not to do it because he wanted to spend more time with his family.

Vince McMahon hated fans in London, England cheering who they wanted

While speaking on Wrestling With Freddie podcast, Prinze recalled the fans in London, England cheering some of the heels on while also randomly singing songs during matches. Prinze said it happened with two of the biggest babyface stars of that era.

“I think London was the audience that made cheering heels acceptable and cool. I feel like they started that before AEW did, before WWE fans in America were starting to get hip to heels. In London, they were just like, ‘Look, we get these f**kers once a year. We’re cheering for whoever we want. If we like both dudes, both dudes are getting songs. If we don’t, they’re getting booed. That’s it. We don’t care how you book it.'”

“I saw it firsthand when Jeff Hardy and Undertaker went at it over there when I was at the company. I was like, ‘Man, they’re just cheering for whoever they want.’ It pissed Vince off. He didn’t like that.”

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