Ex-WWE Writer Calls Out Seth Rollins For “Wearing Women’s Clothing”

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ choice of wardrobe has been questioned by an ex-WWE writer who suggests the star shouldn’t have been ready to fight on Raw in what he was wearing.

Seth Rollins did not have the greatest night at Survivor Series as he lost his WWE United States Championship in a Triple Threat match. While Rollins attempted to deal with Austin Theory by way of a falcon arrow, his other opponent Bobby Lashley nailed Rollins with a spear allowing Theory to fall into a cover and pin the champion.

On Raw, Austin Theory was revelling in an upturn in his fortunes which brought out Seth Rollins to confront the former Money In The Bank briefcase holder. However, for former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo speaking on Legion of Raw, it was Seth Rollins’ outfit that caught his eye and made him wonder how Rollins expected to fight in it:

“Like first of all, if you’re Austin Theory, how do you not even mention it? How do you not even question it? How do you not even bring that up? That’s normal wrestling attire to you, bro? And then when he says, ‘I’ll fight you, right now.’ I’m like, ‘You’re gonna fight wearing women’s clothing, bro?’ Like, you’re gonna fight wearing that? Whatever bro, I guess they think it’s cute. He pops people at the back, his wife probably loves it. Whatever bro.”

h/t Sportskeeda