Austin Theory Couldn’t Be A Selfie Taking “Goofball” Forever

Austin Theory

WWE United States Champion Austin Theory says he couldn’t be a “goofball” forever as he reflects on Survivor Series and his rollercoaster 2022.

Perhaps no on-screen character in WWE felt the sharp end of Vince McMahon’s retirement from the company more sharply than Austin Theory.

Theory began the year closely associated with McMahon on television and ended up in a featured match at WrestleMania 38 where he took on Pat McAfee. Theory was on the receiving end of a Stone Cold Stunner when Steve Austin joined in the post-match shenanigans.

In early July, Austin Theory gained more success when he captured the Money In The Bank briefcase but the departure of McMahon just a few weeks later had many wondering what the future held for the star.

Theory unsuccessfully cashed in his briefcase on Seth Rollins for the US Title – becoming the first WWE Superstar to cash in on a title that wasn’t a world championship. However, at Survivor Series, the future became a lot brighter for the 25-year-old when he won the US Championship by pinning Rollins in a Triple Threat match that also included Bobby Lashley.

Speaking to BT Sport following that victory, Theory reflected on how his character has developed amid the major changes in WWE:

“I’d say it’s as wild as it has been for everybody else. You go from being so used to something to a quick switch, and pretty much that quick switch changes everything, but for a good way, I feel like. For me, it was a chance for Austin Theory to evolve and go to that next level, and I can’t take selfies forever and be a goofball. So it’s like finding that next chapter and what’s gonna get me to become a world champion, and I think we’re on the right track.”

On his Money In The Bank cash-in failure, Austin Theory added that he thinks things could only get better for his character and he is optimistic for the future:

“Well, I’d have to say, growing up, watching the Money in the Bank matches were exciting, and watching the cash-ins were exciting. But I’d have to say, you know, I’d never thought I’d have the failed cash in. But I guess I would be one of those guys. But I would say for me, that whole process of that day of losing the Money in the Bank contract and kind of, ‘Where do I go now?’ You know, ‘I have nothing, I’m literally hit rock bottom.'”

“So what now and I kind of — just to have this revamp of a personality and bring out this different type of energy that people aren’t used to from Austin Theory kind of just shifts everything, and for me, it’s great. Looking at it long term, it can only evolve and get better from here.”

h/t Fightful