Ex-WWE Star Reveals Match With The Undertaker Was Scrapped

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A former WWE star recalled when he had big matches scheduled with John Cena and The Undertaker, but they didn’t occur as planned.

When it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment’s on-screen product, there are always stories about something being planned behind the scenes and then being changed by the show takes place. It’s a part of the business that existed in the past and will always be a part of it.

In 2019, Elias was getting a lot of TV time as a guy who sang songs and played a guitar in the ring. The crowd usually reacted to him with boos, but it was consistent noise and loud noise, which is always good for a performer in WWE.

At WrestleMania 35 in 2019, Elias performed a concert that led to John Cena interrupting with a rap of his own and dropping Elias with an AA to end it.

While talking to Jamal Niaz at For The Love Of Wrestling, former WWE superstar Elias (who now uses the name Elijah) recalled that interaction with John Cena was actually going to be a match, but it was changed to a segment instead.

“That was a special time man, you know that. First off, that was actually originally supposed to be a match, which I was really excited about. But due to some things and movies and whatever going on, it turned into this Doctor of Thugonomics deal which is so cool.”

The reason it wasn’t a match likely is because Cena’s acting career was taking off and if he got injured in a WWE match, it could delay some of the projects he was working on.

Elias Also Had A Match With The Undertaker That Didn’t Happen

On the April 8th, 2019 edition of WWE Raw after WrestleMania 35, Elias was in the ring complaining about what happened with Cena. Elias said that the next man to interrupt him would be a “dead mean” so of course that led to The Undertaker making a surprise appearance, much to the delight of the crowd.

The segment led to The Undertaker dropping Elias with the Tombstone. According to the former Elias, this interaction was supposed to lead to a match, but that was changed too.

“We were supposed to have a match at Saudi Arabia after that big moment on Monday Night Raw right there. But then through other things… you know, this is how things happen. It ends up being Goldberg, and I never had that match.”

That match with The Undertaker and Goldberg at Super ShowDown 2019 was a disaster due to Goldberg suffering a concussion early in the match and they messed up a bunch of spots in a match that did not go well at all. The Undertaker got the win, but it was not a memorable match at all.

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