Ex-WWE Talent Reveals Bizarre Reason For All-Female Meeting

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A former WWE performer recalled a time when a meeting was called for a strange reason that is unique to pro wrestling.

When WWE or any wrestling company recruits talents they do so from all kinds of different places. Some people are signed because they are former wrestlers, others come from collegiate athletics, some are models hired simply because of their looks and there are various other ways talent can be discovered as well.

Some talents make it far in WWE, but some of them never make it to TV either. Alexis Lete was a women’s wrestler who was part of the WWE Performance Center Class in August 2022. About one year after she started in September 2023, she was part of the WWE roster cuts that also included the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali, among others.

While talking to DS Shin of Ring The Belle, Alexis Lete spoke about backstage etiquette in World Wrestling Entertainment.

“It is definitely not (everyday etiquette). My class, we were the very first class that was predominately athletes, being a college athlete. We were not on the Indies wrestling, we didn’t come from the wrestling world. I think we got a little picked on for it. That’s not surprising at all if someone is entering a new industry.”

“If I’m a professional volleyball player and someone comes in and they were a professional soccer player, I’d be like, ‘why did they hire this girl? She doesn’t play this sport. What is happening.’ It made sense why this was happening, but no one really told us, ‘Hey, go say hi to everyone.’ We’re like, ‘Okay.’ We would go and say hi to people, but they’re turning their backs and not looking like they wanted to say hi, so we’re like, ‘we won’t say hi, whatever,’ and moving about our day.”

Meetings Were Called To Educate Talent On WWE Etiquette

As the discussion continued, Lete revealed that there were meetings called to instruct people that they had to say “hi” to other talents.

“Two weeks later, we have an all-girls meeting, ‘You didn’t say hi to us.’ ‘You didn’t look like you wanted to say hi.’ It’s a respect thing of getting outside your comfort zone and even if someone doesn’t look like they want to talk to you, you still need to say hi and acknowledge them.”

“In this company, a lot of people just want to be acknowledged. Tribal Chief, am I right? It is true. Everyone kind of wants to be the cool kid on the block. The ultimate superstars, the people who are huge, the Rhea Ripleys, the Charlotte Flairs, they carry themselves in such a way that they are undeniable when they walk into a room and you say hi to them and they are also approachable to say hi. They’re not thinking they’re better than someone, they’re not turning their back.”

“The superstars that are the superstars at the top, are the superstars for a reason because they are inviting to everyone because they know their place at the company and they’re at that place for a reason.”

It is yet another example of how WWE and pro wrestling culture is unlike a lot of other places in the world.

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