Ex-WWE Talent Eager For Return

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A former WWE performer is hoping for a return to the company one day.

When it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment, one thing fans know well is that people get released all the time, but the door is never fully closed regarding a return.

Mckenzie Mitchell is a former host/interviewer on the NXT brand from 2019 until her surprising WWE release in December 2023. It was a shocking release because Mitchell is very good at her job, is well-liked, and was featured regularly on the brand.

In October 2022, Mitchell married WWE NXT’s lead announcer Vic Joseph. That’s another reason why the release was shocking since the company chose to let go the woman married to the announcer on the NXT brand.

Could McKenzie Mitchell Return To WWE?

Mitchell’s husband Vic Joseph spoke to Scott Fishman of TV Insider and made it clear that Mckenzie would love to be a part of WWE again. Vic also revealed that his wife’s release came at a very difficult time in his life.

“The first few shows I went to it was sad because she is my best friend. Not having my wife there, and there or a Johnny Gargano to talk to or Candice LeRae or Tommaso Ciampa. The list goes on and on. It bummed me out, but then I knew every day when I’d come home, she would be there.”

“Here’s the thing. McKenzie still watches. She is still a fan of it. She still wants to come back and be part of this family. Time will tell, but that was definitely an emotional time. Right before that, my father died.”

“And so when I did NXT Tuesday, that was the day my father passed away in the morning. Nobody knew because I didn’t put anything out there until after the show. She was there with me. Shawn [Michaels] was there with me. It was a tough stretch, but we got through it.”

Prior to her WWE days, Mitchell worked for Impact/TNA as an announcer/interviewer from May 2016 to January 2019. As for Joseph, he has worked for WWE since 2017 and has been the lead announcer on the NXT brand for nearly four years.