Ex-WWE Star’s First Match Since Release Announced

WWE logo over blurred Becky Lynch Xia Li

After their release from WWE, one star has now been confirmed for their first match since leaving the company.

WWE cuts returned to the roster in the spring with five names initially believed to have been let go. Xyon Quinn, Xia Li, Veer, Sanga, and Jinder Mahal were all released from their deals.

In the days following that news, it emerged that Von Wagner was also let go while an emotional Cameron Grimes revealed he had been released from the company.

Back in May the star known as Xia Li in WWE took to social media and revealed she’ll now be taking independent bookings from July 18th as she changed her name to the phonetically similar Xia Lee:

I am pleased to announce that I am now accepting bookings for matches and signing events starting July 18th. For all inquiries, please contact me at : I look forward to collaborating with you.

Xia Lee Confirmed For First Show Since WWE Exit

Now Lee’s first match since leaving WWE might well have been revealed as she’s been advertised for the West Coast Pro Queen of Indies show. That event will take place on Saturday, August 17th in San Francisco, California.

Other names announced for that show so far include Amazona, Keyra, Maya World, and the Great Sakuya, daughter of The Great Muta.