Ex-WWE Star Explains WeeLC Mindset – “Shove It Up Their Ass”

WeeLC Match - Hornswoggle vs. El Torito

A former WWE star has discussed how the perception of the WeeLC match was very different to the outcome, and got a standing ovation in gorilla.

At Extreme Rules 2014, Hornswoggle went up against El Torito in the first (and only) ever WeeLC match. With weapons aplenty, the pair didn’t just put a comedy spot on the show, but instead had a competitive match which Torito won after hitting Swoggle with a chair and following it up with a seated senton from the top.

In an interview with, Hornswoggle discussed how everyone involved went in to the match with the mindset of shoving it up the asses of those who thought it was going to be the funny part of the pay-per-view, and that how he feels it’s the greatest thing he ever did in his career.

It was supposed to be presented I believe as a joke and a comedy thing, but we had the best match on the card that night including Evolution vs The Shield in a Street Fight. We killed it and I know we did, and I’m going to tell everyone we did. That might not have been a good move on my end, but I didn’t care at that point. We all had the mindset, all the 3MB guys and the Matadores and Torito, we all had the mindset, and everyone helping us, agenting and producing the match, had the mindset of, shove it up their ass.

If we’re going to be honest, shove it up their ass. If they want us to be a Ha Ha comedy thing, let’s just go out there and kill it. It was the greatest thing I’ll ever do in my career. That was the first time I ever got a standing ovation in Gorilla, including Vince and Triple H, so that was a pretty cool thing.

One thing Hornswoggle never did on WWE television was speak, although he has revealed that it was meant to happen at one point.