Ex-WWE Star Was Set For Tag Team Title Run In 2022

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A former tag champion in WWE was supposed to have another run with the belts in 2022…albeit with a different partner.

Trinity Fatu, better known as Naomi, was last seen in WWE teaming with Sasha Banks. Together the duo won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions…and the duo also left the company under a cloud of controversy.

And while Sasha Banks’ career trajectory has been pretty clear – as seen with her changing her name to Mercedes Mone and wrestling in Japan – Naomi’s situation remains somewhat less certain.

What little info available on Naomi has come out piecemeal through her friends and other close contacts. One of these people is Arianne Andrew – a.k.a. Cameron, one of the former Funkadactyls – who revealed that Naomi is currently recovering from surgery.

Additionally, Cameron also revealed that her surprise return at the 2022 Royal Rumble wasn’t meant to be a one-off; instead, it was supposed to be the start of a tag team program.

Speaking during a Golden Rings Collectibles virtual singing, Cameron revealed that she was approached with the idea of her and Naomi reuniting and having a run as the Women’s Tag Team Champions.

“2022 for me was not one of my best years. You’re gonna get tea… So I’m gonna give all the goodies… I’ve shared this but I think the more I can share, the better.

“So I did the Royal Rumble… and then two days after, lost my dad, got called back to come back to WWE to get the Tag Team Titles with Naomi and then Thursday, they were (like), never mind, girl.

“Naomi and I were talking about gear.”

h/t WrestleTalk for the transcription