Ex-WWE Star Slams Hall Of Fame – “Feels Like Segment 5 On Raw”

Rey Mysterio WWE Hall Of Fame 2023

Former WWE Champion Kevin Nash is no fan of the current format of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and says it feels like watching a segment on Monday Night Raw.

The Hall of Fame is the one night of the year when WWE celebrates the stars of its past and their achievements in the wrestling business. Traditionally the event stood alone, becoming part of WrestleMania weekend festivities when it was relaunched as an annual event in 2004.

Beginning in 2019, however, WWE moved the event to be part of the SmackDown before WrestleMania show and the Hall of Fame was held in the ring. This proved costly the first year it took place when Bret Hart – who was being inducted as part of The Hart Foundation – was attacked by a fan who came through the crowd.

That format returned for the 2023 WWE Hall of Fame which saw Rey Mysterio, Stacey Keibler, The Great Muta, Andy Kaufman, and Tim White all inducted.

But Kevin Nash has explained on his Kliq This podcast that the special feel of the ceremony has been lost:

“It just doesn’t feel, one of the things about the Hall of Fame – it usually feels like an award show and this feels like a segment five on Raw.”

Nash is no stranger to the WWE Hall of Fame as he received a solo induction in 2015 and was inducted as part of the delayed Class of 2020 for his work in the NWO alongside Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman.