Bret Hart Recalls Telling Vince McMahon To Sign WWE Hall Of Famer

Bret Hart

Bret Hart once made a suggestion to Vince McMahon that didn’t work and, in hindsight, could’ve cost the company a fortune.

Vince McMahon has been noted by wrestlers in the past for wanting to be the mastermind that comes up with all the ideas and hasn’t always been the most accepting of outside suggestions.

But there was a time when he was, at the very least, warm to the idea of hearing from his top wrestlers. That was the case with Bret Hart, who discussed his conversations with Vince in an interview with Casual Conversations with The Classic.

One topic was when he tried to persuade Vince to sign Steve Austin much earlier than when he did, only to find out that said signing didn’t work out.

“I was one of the guys that went to Vince literally a few weeks before he [Austin] got signed on by WWF [WWE] and asked them to see if they could get Steve Austin in. Then I remember coming in and going, ‘I just heard he signed with ECW,’ and I was kinda mad at Vince and different guys because they didn’t get him.”

Steve Austin’s WCW contract ended in May 1995. He spent the following month touring with New Japan and then had two matches in ECW in November and December of that same year before debuting with WWF/E as “The Ringmaster”.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription.