Ex-WWE Star Reflects On “Miserable” Time In The Company

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AEW star Saraya has discussed how she was left “very depressed” by WWE’s decision to have her do nothing after she suffered an injury that forced her to end her in-ring career in the company.

In late 2017 Saraya – then known as Paige in WWE – was forced to hang up her boots after she suffered a serious neck injury during a bout at a live event. While the star resurfaced again from time to time as both General Manager of SmackDown and as a manager to different WWE stars, there was a long while where she was left doing precisely nothing.

Speaking on The Mark Hoke Show, Saraya discussed her period of inactivity when she was forced to step away from the ring in WWE and said she was left depressed at not even being allowed to do media interviews during this time:

“The feeling that you get from something you love is just not replaceable. You can’t just fill it with something else. I was doing Twitch but I was also being held back so much when I was in the WWE because they just didn’t give me the freedom to do what I wanted to do, to even try and find something else that could potentially fill that void and then also, they didn’t want me doing media, they didn’t want me to do anything so I was sitting on my ass for a couple of years and people thought I enjoyed that.

“No, I hated that. I was miserable, it made me very depressed. Not to the point where I started doing drugs and drinking again because I was a lot smarter by that point but it would make me so miserable, like not being able to do anything.”

Saraya is anything but inactive in AEW as she and her fellow Outcasts Toni Storm and Ruby Soho have run riot over the company’s women’s division in recent months.

h/t POST Wrestling