Controversial Ex-WWE Star Looking To Make Wrestling Return

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A former WWE star is interested in competing in pro wrestling again after leaving the business for a few years.

The last time the former WWE superstar known as Jake Atlas had a match in a major pro wrestling promotion was when he lost to Adam Cole on the January 7th, 2022 edition of AEW Rampage.

Atlas worked for WWE from the spring of 2020 right around when COVID-19 closed off WWE shows from crowds for about a year and a half. Atlas found himself on the NXT brand. While Atlas did have some success in NXT, he was never pushed that heavily and was eventually released in August 2021. That’s when Atlas made his way to AEW, but things didn’t go well for him there.

Following his release from WWE, Atlas revealed that the company saved his life when depression was really bad for him.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter wrote about Jake Atlas and his journey in WWE as well as AEW, along with Atlas’ attempts to get back into pro wrestling following an out-of-the-ring scandal.

“Jake Atlas, 29, real name Kenny Marquez Sanchez, is looking to start back in wrestling in March. Atlas was one of the hottest prospects, some felt the hottest, on the independent scene by 2018 including being heavily talked about coming out of the 2019 Battle of Los Angeles tournament with a win over Jungle Boy and loss to Dragon Lee. Both AEW and WWE were interested in him.”

“He was one of those guys who grew up with is dream of being in WWE. At the time, several of his friends, including Jungle Boy, tried to get him into AEW with the idea he wasnโ€™t the right fit for WWE, and others noted if he wanted to go to WWE, the best thing would be to go to AEW and make a name there and then WWE would see him as a real star and pay him more and push him more as a raid. But he took an NXT spot and changed his style and he went into depression and had other issues and was let go.”

“AEW signed him, but in his second match with the company, tore his ACL in a match with Adam Cole. While recovering from the injury, he was arrested on a domestic violence charge. Atlas was openly gay and his boyfriend was another wrestler in NXT. Allegedly they were doing a threesome with a woman and his boyfriend showed more attention to the woman and that led to an argument where he allegedly scratched his boyfriend and tore off his boyfriendโ€™s tank top.”

“The charges ended up being dropped and he went into rehab for depression and substance abuse. He announced his retirement from wrestling. He had talked retirement after his WWE release before AEW. He has not wrestled since the injury in the Cole match on January 5, 2022. He basically wrote he would like a second chance and to work with anyone who would work with him.”

What Did Former WWE Superstar Jake Atlas Write About A Wrestling Comeback?

On Instagram, Atlas posted this message about a pro wrestling return.

“Nothing to lose & everything to gain. Iโ€™m willing to work with anyone that is willing to work with me and start anew. Hopefully Iโ€™ll see some familiar faces soon! Visit for more.”

Good luck to Jake Atlas on his return to pro wrestling after more than two years away.