Ex-WWE Star Says Infamous Botch Saved Their Life

WWE logo over Top Dolla

Former WWE star Top Dolla says his infamous botch on SmackDown that saw him dubbed “Flop Dolla” had serious repercussions on his life.

Accidents and mistakes happen in the wrestling ring all the time, some have serious consequences and some are simply laughed off when no harm is done. Charlotte Flair will be out of action for nine months after a fall during a match on SmackDown showing that when things go wrong, they can go very wrong in an instant.

On the 16th of December 2022 edition of SmackDown, Hit Row’s Top Dolla found himself the butt of the joke when he attempted to dive over the top rope in a tag team match that also included The Viking Raiders and Legado del Fantasma.

Unfortunately for Top Dolla, he caught his feet on the top rope and avoided disaster but definitely failed to hit the move. That led to months of jokes at his expense from Michael Cole until Dolla was released by WWE for the second time in two years in September 2023.

Top Dolla Reveals WWE Botch Saved His Life

Top Dolla – who is now best known as AJ Francis – took to social media in response to someone sharing a clip of the incident on its first anniversary. The wrestling star revealed that missing the move led to him receiving a diabetes diagnosis that ultimately saved his life:

The botch saved my life. I made that dive a dozen times before, legs felt off but I didn’t think about it. After I failed I went to the doc & found out I had Type II diabetes & my blood sugar was 626. I almost lost my life & was about to lose both feet. The botch saved my life.

Top Dolla is currently nearing the end of his ninety-day non-compete clause with WWE, after which he’ll be able to wrestle elsewhere again.