Ex-WWE Star Deep In Contract Talks To Return To US

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A former WWE star is in talks to wrestle in the United States once again.

Joshi star Sareee signed with WWE in 2020 after almost a decade on the Japanese wrestling scene. After her debut with the company was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, she made her first in-ring appearance on the April 20th, 2021 episode of NXT with the new ring name of Sarray.

The star was a staple of NXT TV for the following year and underwent a bizarre character change that saw her appearance changing due to a medallion given to her by her grandmother. Her last bout for the company took place in August 2022 when she was defeated by Mandy Rose.

In March 2023, Sarray announced that she had departed WWE and was now working as a freelancer, once again going by the Sareee name.

Since then, the star has been busy working in multiple promotions in Japan. However, according to PWInsider, she is looking at a return to the US. Their report notes a Japanese source has told them that she is “deep in contract negotiations” with a promotion in the country.

There is no word on exactly where she could appear, but it is not believed to be a WWE return.

Why Did Sareee Leave WWE?

In an interview following her departure from WWE, Sareee said there had been talk of renewing her contract, but she felt she had already learned enough from the company and wanted to do wrestling she “believed in.”

“I didn’t fight on the main roster, but I felt that I had learned enough in WWE. I was able to absorb the spirit of entertainment that I had been missing. There was talk of renewing the contract, but I wanted to do wrestling that I believed in, and at 27 years old, I was at my most physically active, so I thought, I will regret it if I don’t do the wrestling I have wanted to do for a long time now.”

H/T to POST Wrestling for the above transcription.