Ex-WWE Star Dealing With Serious Health Issues

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Former WWE and ECW star Stevie Richards has revealed that he has been dealing with serious health issues that he plans to address in full in the future.

Stevie Richards became a popular figure in ECW as part of the Blue World Order after years of portraying the fall guy for Raven in the promotion. Richards joined WWE in 1999 and spent nine years in the company that is best remembered for his role in the hated Right To Censor group that also included Bull Buchanan, Val Venis, and WWE Hall of Famers The Goodfather, and Ivory.

Richards took to social media to share part of his story as he fights to get back to full health:

“The last 4 weeks, especially the last one, have really been something else. We aren’t quite at the finish line yet, but hopefully the road to recovery starts asap.

“I will be explaining what has happened and documenting my road to recovery on the YouTube channel as well as here. Speaking of the YouTube channel, we have plenty of videos to edit/publish- so there will still be new content as we work through this. Please subscribe to stay updated and for the normal fitness reviews.”

PWInsider reported that Stevie Richards has been dealing with several issues relating to his back and spine that have become more acute in the last few weeks.

Everyone at TJRWrestling sends their best wishes to Stevie Richards for a full and speedy recovery.