Ex-WWE Star Claims Vince McMahon Owed Him Money

Vince McMahon WWE

Former WWE Superstar Nailz has claimed that a 1992 altercation with Vince McMahon was down to the ex-WWE boss owing him money.

Nailz, real name Kevin Wacholz, made an immediate impact in WWE after debuting as the nemesis of the Big Boss Man in early 1992.

After sidelining the popular Cobb County corrections officer following a stunning attack on the 30th May 1992 edition of WWE Superstars Of Wrestling, Nailz would spend the next few months brutalising opponents in intense fashion.

The highlight of this succcesful streak came at SummerSlam 1992, with Nailz sealing victory over Virgil in front of 80,355 fans at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Despite defeat to the Big Boss Man at Survivor Series 92, the villainous ex-convict character looked destined for big things including a scheduled programme with The Undertaker.

He was released from the company, however, following a heated physical confrontation with then-WWE owner Vince McMahon at a Live Event in Green Bay, Wisconsin on 14th December 1992.

During a recent appearance on WrestleBinge, the 65 year-old claimed that the dispute came after McMahon failed to deliver on financial promises:

“I just wanted to discuss the contract and the different monetary…basically the aspect that he owed me money and I wanted to get paid for the work. I wanted to get paid for the services rendered.

He promised me that I’d make a lot of money in WWF and I believe that I fulfilled my part. I played the character well. I put people in the seats and he didn’t fulfill his part and that was what we discussed.”

Former WWE Superstar Holds No Regrets Over Vince McMahon Altercation

Wacholz would spend the ensuing years locked in legal battles with WWE, even testifying against his former boss in the famous 1994 steroid trial that saw McMahon ultimately acquitted.

The giant Superstar insists he holds no regrets over the incident, stating his belief that McMahon had ruined other people’s careers and he was not prepared to let the then-WWE Chairman do the same to him:

“You have to stand up for yourself. You’re not a man if you let some other person step on you and treat you like a bug and squash you like a cockroach. He owed me money.

I believe if people don’t stand up for themselves, there’s nobody gonna do it. You have to do it for yourself. That’s the type of person I am. I stand up for myself and if I don’t believe in something, I’ll let you know. I’ll air my grievances.

With him, people were afraid to talk to him. There were many many people that just wouldn’t go in and talk to him. He would run through them. He squashed a lot of people’s careers. He squashed a lot of people’s livelihoods and people just didn’t say what was on their mind. They were afraid to talk to him. He ran into the wrong guy.”

McMahon would go on the become the subject of sickening behind the scenes allegations in January 2024, which saw the 78 year-old depart the company after decades of control.

H/T: WrestlingNews for the above transcription.