Ex-WWE Star Claims His Idea Was Stolen For Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins WWE

Seth Rollins has been through his fair share of character tweaks and nicknames during his WWE run and now it seems one of his most well-known was pitched by someone else.

In late 2019, Seth Rollins had grown sick of his fellow Monday Night Raw stars and fans had grown weary of cheering for him. As a result, Rollins formed an alliance with Authors of Pain and began referring to himself as the Monday Night Messiah.

Seth Rollins and AOP eventually added Buddy Murphy to the group with Rollins and Murphy eventually winning the Raw Tag Team Championship together. The majority of the Monday Night Messiah storyline took place during the pandemic and is best remembered – and not necessarily in a good way – for Rollins taking out the eye of Rey Mysterio.

But it could have been very different for Seth Rollins if a former WWE star’s pitch had not been made.

Seth Rollins Takes Ex-WWE Stars Idea

In an interview with Metro, ex-WWE star Elias – now known as Elijah – revealed that he had pitched to be the Monday Night Messiah and could only watch on as the company gave the moniker to Seth Rollins:

I was always coming up with different characters, ways to evolve Elias into the next thing. There was a character that I really thought could have been incredible myself, it was the Monday Might Messiah. And if you realise, Seth Rollins and AOP ended up – for lack of better terms, they just gave it to those guys.

I had a real vision of me being the Pied Piper of Monday Night Raw and controlling people, with kind of a cult like leader. The biblical themes and things like that, I always love that Messiah stuff.

There’s guys that just are getting paid more or getting put more in a spotlight, and they might want to put the resources into those guys. It’s no discredit to Seth, the guy’s absolutely incredible. But that’s how the system works, you know what I mean? That’s the risk you take with giving these ideas.

Seth Rollins is currently out of action after suffering a serious knee injury that he battled through to compete at WrestleMania 40. Rollins has recently signed a new WWE deal while his wife Becky Lynch is no longer under contract to the company.