Ex-WWE Star Explains Why Brock Lesnar Bout Left Him “Livid”

Brock Lesnar in the ring

Lance Storm has recalled working with Brock Lesnar during his early days on WWE’s main roster and how feedback from a company producer left him livid.

Before Brock Lesnar made his on-screen WWE debut, The Next Big Think worked several live events for the company as he worked with veterans to get him ready for his eventual rise to superstardom which was just around the corner.

Taking to social media, former WWE star and current IMPACT Wrestling producer Lance Storm recalled early matches on the WWE main roster for Brock Lesnar and how he was left frustrated after being given conflicting instructions on what the company wanted from the bouts:

“Great story about this loop. I was told to teach/coach Brock in these matches. The first two nights I was told to beat him but make him look strong and protect him on the finish by cheating. We had real good competitive matches and I cheated to win. Cont..

“2) The third night I was told they wanted him to win. I said cool and we went and had another competitive good match and Brock beat me clean. I got to the back and another agent pulled me aside and reprimanded me and told me ….. cont.

“3) “All that back and forth stuff makes for a good match and all but we are looking to program him a certain way, we don’t need all that other stuff.” I was livid and replied with something to the effect of… cont..

4) If you want him to squash me, you have to tell me that before I go out there. I was told to push him and to teach him, that’s what I did. I walked off shaking my head thinking, beating him twice was fine, but getting a nearfall tonight was too much?”

Storm was responding to a post that featured a card from a WWE live event held in Binghamton, New York on the 4th of January 2002. The card is notable for the fact that it features a main event of Triple H & Kane taking on Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle – this was Triple H’s first match back following his first quad tear injury and came three days before his epic return and ovation on Raw in Madison Square Garden.