Ex-WWE Raw GM Recalls Suffering Injury After Taking A Huge Bump

wwe raw general manager gm

A WWE Hall of Famer has recalled the most painful bump they had to take during their run as the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

As a General Manager or authority figure on WWE television, you are required to do a lot of promos in the ring, backstage and make announcements. They are the person that sets up the matches that take place on television as well as WWE’s pay-per-view events.

In the summer of 2002, during WWE’s original brand split, they decided to end the story of Ric Flair running WWE Raw as a “co-owner” while Vince McMahon ran Smackdown and instead, went with General Managers to run the show. Vince’s daughter Stephanie McMahon was chosen for Smackdown while Raw’s choice was a surprising choice: Eric Bischoff.

The announcement of Bischoff as WWE Raw GM was shocking because he was the former WCW President who literally spoke about wanting to put WWE out of the business in the 1990s. The visual of Eric and Vince hugging on the stage is a sight that wrestling fans will never forget. Bischoff would stay in the GM role for about three years and is regarded by many to be arguably the best GM in WWE history.

Being a GM also means you have to take some bumps once in a while. If it’s good for the story then most GM’s are willing to do it.

Eric Bischoff broke his thumb while taking a bump in WWE

During a recent episode of his Locked & Loaded podcast on AdFreeShows, former WWE Raw GM Eric Bischoff recalled the worst bump he took in WWE. It was the June 30, 2003 edition of Raw when Kane gave Bischoff off the stage through a table on the floor.

“When I got chokeslammed off the stage by Kane [in 2003]… Because I’m not that durable, I’m durable enough to do it once because whatever happens happens, and I’ll be good to go for TV in a week or two at the worst… I didn’t like to rehearse because I was afraid I’d get hurt during the rehearsal.”

Bischoff went on to say that he made a mistake during the bump by reaching back to figure out how to land and he ended up breaking his thumb. He blames himself rather than Kane.

“I don’t think that really counts because that was just me being stupid. That wasn’t somebody doing something to me. That was me doing something to myself, so I think the score is actually never happened.”

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