Ex-WWE NXT Star Claims They Were Told Not To Report Concussion

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A former WWE NXT superstar has recalled what they were told when admitting they felt like they had a concussion.

Alexis Lete was a part of the WWE Performance Center Class in 2022. Just over one year later in September 2023, she was part of the WWE roster cuts that also included the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Mustafa Ali.

While speaking on a YouTube video about her time in WWE, Lete revealed that she was close to quitting before she was released.

“Another show happens and during this live match, a girl knees me in the face pretty much. My head hit something behind me.”

“In that moment, I was like, ‘something is wrong.’ It wasn’t a bad wrong, just ‘Oh, I rung my bell.’ Ringing your bell is a concussion. ‘I think something happened. I don’t know if it’s bad or not.’

“I took a few days to figure out if I actually had something wrong or not. A few days went by and I could tell I was a little off. I’ve had some concussions before I knew something was not right.

“I go into work. I don’t say anything. Then next time, I’m heading to medical. ‘I’m going to tell them something is weird. I think I rung my bell.’ As I’m walking in someone is like, “Letty, what’s up, how are you doing?’ ‘I’m doing really good, but I’m about to head to medical. I feel like something happened and I feel I rang my bell.’

“He’s like, ‘Oh, you rang your bell?’ ‘Yeah, ringing your bell is still a concussion. It’s still not the best.’ He told me, ‘Hey, that’s kind of part of the job. You get injuries all the time. You deal with them and you move on and get ready for the next thing.’ ‘Oh, okay.’ ‘Don’t go and tell them. Spend another night, think about it, but unless you’re bad and black out, I wouldn’t tell them about it.’ ‘Oh, okay,’”

WWE NXT’s Alexis Lete Felt Like That Life Wasn’t For Her

As she continued, Lete spoke about how she liked the entertainment aspect of WWE, but she didn’t think that the business was for her.

“In that moment. I was like, ‘F this.’ I went home, did my night routine, took my vlog video and was like, ‘I don’t know if this is for me.’ I love entertaining, but I don’t want to entertain at the risk of my body and mental health. I said, ‘I don’t think this is for me.’ The next day, I called in sick to work.”

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