Ex-WWE Personality Reveals Low Point Of Their Career – “I Had To Wrestle As Kane”

Kane WWE

When Kane debuted in WWE it sent shockwaves through the company and The Big Red Machine was not shy about taking much of his moveset and mannerisms from his brother The Undertaker.

But on the independent wrestling scene in the UK, young, hungry talents were trying to earn a crust, and a lot of times that meant portraying versions of the biggest stars in WWE at the time.

Speaking to Metro, AEW’s Nigel McGuinness revealed that one of the low points of his career came while doing the holiday camp circuit in the UK. Rather than wrestling as himself, he was forced every now and again, to don the mask and mannerisms of Kane:

“I used to do Butlin’s camps. Every now and again to spice it up, they’d want us to do parody wrestlers. So there was one time I got to the venue and they gave me a Kane mask, the whole gear. I had to go out and wrestle as Kane for 15, 20 minutes – with a bad back as well!

“It was just absolutely the lowest point of my career, at that point at least.”

Nigel McGuinness is now part of AEW and has returned to Ring of Honor, the promotion where he saw his biggest in-ring success. The English star had been part of WWE as an announcer for six years prior to his release from the company in October 2022.

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McGuinness was part of the announcement of AEW All In in Wembley Stadium but he has been warned to keep his mouth shut by Bryan Danielson after he teased a return to the ring at the event.