Bryan Danielson Warns Retired Star To “Shut His Mouth”

Bryan Danielson

AEW All In will take place in front of at least 60,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in London, England but Bryan Danielson has dismissed any notion that he should be taking on a retired star at the event.

All In will be AEW’s biggest show to date and English star Nigel McGuinness is definitely excited about the prospect of his new employers bringing a show to his hometown.

In a recent interview with Stephanie Chase, McGuinness explained what he’d want to come out of retirement for the show, and what he wants is Bryan Danielson:

“Obviously it would have to be someone like Dragon, given our history and the true story that’s there. I think the best stories, the best angles in wrestling always have that undercurrent of reality. And it’s just so real there, it’s just so real and it’s so honest and authentic, and nuanced as well in a sense, it’s not just as simple as a good guy and a bad guy.

“You can understand, you can identify with both of our journeys as well, very different journeys you know. We were once in the same direction and now gone on completely different paths, but there’s a lot of emotion there to establish.

“And even if that means me just being on commentary for a match of him as well, that’s certainly there to play out.”

Speaking at the AEW Double or Nothing press conference, Bryan Danielson, however, had other ideas and thinks McGuinness shouldn’t want any part of the BCC man:

“I think Nigel probably needs to shut his mouth a little bit. At this point in his life, I don’t think he can handle the same intensity that he could in 2006. When you watch him on commentary…I think the world of Nigel. I think the world of him as a wrestler and as a commentator, but he no longer has the physical ability to match up with me.

“He did at one point, but here I am, I’m 42 years old, and I train so hard to stay like this. He stopped training. Do you think you can catch back up in three months? No, you can’t. I look at his neck and I think that I’d break it.”

Bryan Danielson and his Blackpool Combat Club colleagues showed just how ruthless they could be when they took apart The Elite – with some surprise help – at Double Or Nothing.

h/t Fightful