Ex-WWE Champion To Return: “No F***ing Chance”

CM Punk Alberto Del Rio WWE

Don’t hold your breath on one former WWE Champion returning to the company.

In the wrestling ring, Alberto Del Rio is a former two-time WWE Champion and two-time World Heavyweight Champion in the company, headlining several shows as a bona fide main eventer.

Outside of the wrestling ring, however, Del Rio is a highly controversial character. His relationship with AEW star Saraya ended in alleged threats of domestic violence and he was separately charged with aggravated kidnapping and sexual assault in October 2020 but these charges were ultimately dropped over a year later.

During the course of his time away from the sports entertainment giant, Alberto Del Rio has claimed that he has been close to returning several times. The issue was raised again in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter with Dave Meltzer noting that Del Rio had claimed following a match on October 5th that he was close to a WWE return in 2022 until Vince McMahon lost power following his short-lived retirement.

WWE higher up emphatic about Alberto Del Rio claims

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has reported – and posted a screenshot to back up his claims – that a WWE higher up has given Del Rio’s claims of a possible return a very straightforward three-word response – “No f***ing chance.”

Therefore, it doesn’t look likely that Alberto Del Rio will be returning to his former employer then, now, or forever.