Ex-WWE Champion Open To Wrestling Return

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A former champion in WWE isn’t ruling out a return to the squared circle.

Mandy Rose spent 413 days as NXT Champion, finally being dethroned in December of 2022 with a loss to Roxanne Perez.

The day after her title loss, the wrestling world was shocked to find out that Rose had been released from her contract. It later emerged that she was fired due to her exclusive content website posting content that was deemed too racy.

The exclusive content game has been a lucrative one for Rose, who made $1 million in December alone. She says the money she’s making post-WWE has been “life changing,” and she’s quite happy with her new career path.

Former WWE NXT Champion Mandy Rose Would Consider A Return To Wrestling If She Gets The Right Call

Speaking in a new interview with TMZ, Mandy Rose opened up about her post-WWE life. After confirming that she’s happy and healthy, Rose was asked about the potential of her returning to action inside the squared circle. While Rose doesn’t rule out a return to the ring, she says the opportunity has to be right.

“Listen, I do miss performing, I miss the camaraderie, I miss that adrenaline rush, for sure. I can’t sit here and say I don’t miss it. However, I am keeping myself super busy not to have to think about it as much. I don’t know about the future. I am a free agent now. I mentioned on social media that it got everywhere. If the right call comes around and I feel like making an appearance and coming back to any wrestling federation out there, I’m not saying it’s a ‘No,’ but right now, I’m pretty busy. It has to be the right call.”