Ex-WWE Star Recalls Suplexing Bobby Lashley Out Of His Shoes

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Bobby Lashley is known for being a powerful force in WWE, but one former wrestler recalled suplexing him out of his shoes!

When it comes to being both a powerful wrestler and an extremely skilled amateur wrestler, Bobby Lashley is in that rarefied air with the likes of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle.

Fans of WWE who have watched Lashley from his first run in the 2000s along with his run since 2018 have marveled at the All Mighty’s capabilities in the ring.

While on the Smackdown brand, Bobby Lashley is doing his best to elevate The Street Profits by sharing his knowledge as a two-time WWE Champion.

Former WWE superstar Chavo Guerrero appeared on Cafe de Rene with Rene Dupree to praise Bobby Lashley.

“Bobby Lashley, tough guy. Very good worker, good friend of mine. I really like Bobby. I remember wrestling him in the ring a couple times, and he was just so strong.”

What Did Chavo Guerrero Do To Bobby Lashley When They Had A Shoot Fight?

A shoot fight is the term used for when pro wrestlers get into a real fight. Sometimes it can involve simply trying to take somebody while they are goofing around in the ring before the show. According to Chavo, once incident with Lashley saw him suplex the former ECW World Champion out of his shoes.

“There was a time that we were all shooting in the ring before the show, kind of doing a bunch of takedowns and that kind of stuff and seeing who the better wrestler was. Bobby, he was an All-American wrestler, he was in the army, wrestled for the army, whatever he was, he’s got some accolades. He’s a really good wrestler, and he’s super strong.”

“So he grabs me, and as he grabs me, I whizzer down on him hard. I’m whizzering down, thinking, ‘Okay, this usually works.’ He literally picked me up with one arm like this and just held me there for a second. I was like, ‘Oh, you son of a bitch.’ So he puts me back down. I’m like, ‘Okay, you proved your point.’ So then we started messing around a little bit. We’re kind of going, he’s trying to get me. I’m pretty quick, so I’m doing some defensive stuff, but I can’t get him, he’s just too good.”

“So then he goes around the waist again and I whizzer down again, so I feel him coming up again. As he goes, all I did was grab my wrist and push on his chest, and so I have his arm around my shoulder. So I’m hooking it here, key lock here, and I arch, and he goes ass over teakettle, he goes head over heels. Boom. As he goes head over heels, everybody saw, so it’s like, ‘Oh!’ His shoes fell off. So I don’t know if he didn’t have them tied, or I don’t know what. But both of his shoes fell off. This is the truth.”

“They fell off, and everybody [went] ‘Oh, my god! Chavo just suplexed him out of his shoes!’ The only reason I suplexed him is because he was trying to lift me up, something he would never do in a match. As he’s lifting, he goes [motions with his arm], and it was just perfect timing.”

“I roll out of the ring, and I’m like, ‘That’s it. I will never wrestle you again. Because the last time I wrestled you, I suplexed you out of your shoes.’ He was so pissed. ‘F**k you, Chavo, get back in here.’ I was like ‘hell no, I will never wrestle you ever again.’ There you go. I suplexed Bobby Lashley out of his shoes.”

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