Ex-WCW Star Wants WWE & AEW Wrestlers To Unionize

The Union WWE

The subject of unionization in the wrestling business is one that goes back decades but now former WCW star Konnan says it’s time for the stars of the two biggest companies in the industry to take the lead.

Discussions of unionization in pro wrestling can’t be had without discussing Jesse Ventura who famously broached the subject with the locker room during his time in WWE. Ventura believes he was ratted out by Hulk Hogan who informed Vince McMahon of Ventura’s plans and the idea was killed off before it could get any further.

Speaking on an episode of his K100 podcast, Konnan opened the Pandora’s Box on the subject of unionization once again calling on the stars of both WWE and AEW to work together, and says it’s “highway robbery” that pro wrestlers don’t get pensions among other benefits:

“I would unionize the two big companies [WWE and AEW] because it’s a shame. And it’s f***ing highway robbery that we don’t have pensions, that we don’t get overtime, that we don’t have workman’s comp. There’s so many things that we get f***ed on.”

Konnan’s co-host Disco Inferno disputed the idea but the former WCW United States Champion thinks if players in sports get pensions, then pro wrestlers should as well:

“I didn’t. If football players and basketball players get a pension, why don’t we?”

h/t Wrestling Inc.